Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Linden Fund

Please take a moment to click on the Linden Fund on the right part of the screen. Lauren over at the Linden Fund works tirelessly to provide care for Ontario families facing the struggles of extreme prematurity. The Linden Fund has their own walk and bike ride, called pedals for preemies, and if you can, please take a moment to sponsor the team.
I am honoured to be associated with Lauren and with Mt. Sinai Hospital in Toronto, where my 27 weeker received the best of care, and her parents emotions were care for by the amazing teams in place. No family should have to struggle isolated through this time.
Thanks for reading - will get back to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.

I also urge you to look into the Sasha Bella fund over at Sick Kids Hospital, a fund that is challening Sick Kids to devote themselves more to "family centered care' as well all know that when severe illness befalls a child, the whole family is affected.

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