Monday, May 5, 2008

More Humming and Tapping.

Every forget something important? REALLY important? yeah, met too.
Something like huge meeting with massive distributor between the fog of your pneuomonia and the hand surgery of your 3 year old, you just, kind of put in on the back burner for now. But you'll get there, terribly worried that you've lost the business because of a lack of diligence.
Sigh. Today for one day, I get to play the pity me game, as I let some huge things come and go while left was running at me at break neck speed.
So now I must plan the attack back. And I'll get there, will just take more time and focus than the first meetings that I was able to arrange without all the much pain.

Moreover, the summer months are looking strange for trade shows, have the fall ones lined up for now. But the summer may be a lot more phone ringing/door knocking type work, which I don't mind - it's the adrenaline rush of the initial overture - almost like fixing your daughter up on a blind date, here take this product you'll love it!

And coming soon - more lessons learned in the great land of retail. They let me out and they know I will be spilling more secrets really really soon.

Anyone mind a brand new mantra?
Buy local, buy handcraft, buy artisan, buy Canada.
Smicko Lay

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