Friday, May 23, 2008

Something I Should Do

Being in the 'mompreuniverse', I have occasion to meet other budding mompreneurs with fabulous products and companies. They too are wading this road to success, and some are doing a bang up job of it!
Take Kim over at Chatterbox games. She's created a box of Social Skills games and ideas for families to do together. Now a lot of the 'kid' market is a whole lot of fluff. Useless stuff. Her product (and I say this from a decade or so of teaching) is bang on the money. Outside of the 'want' it pile, and way deep into the 'need' it pile. Want to check out something amazing? Google Chatterbox games and get blown away.

Another great entrepreneur? Snapdragon designs. Really and truly stunning clothing and bags made by one fabulously stylish lady. Google Snapdragon and you'll find her amazing stuff.

For the story on entrepreneurial spirit, one need look no further than Karen over at Tail Wags Helmet Covers. A former costume designer and teacher, her handmade helmet covers are beyond adorable, and her hard work and dedication towards her product deserve a real congratulatory nod. I believe the link to Tail-Wags is on the blog part of my blog, so check it out.

A company I had occasion to meet over at the Today's Parent Show that I fell in love with (and S is still wearing their shirt night and day" is called Booda Belly. Really beautiful organic and bamboo clothing. The stuff washes and wears like a dream. Also in the startup phase, watch them for great things to come.

If you haven't heard of Name Your Tune yet, you will and soon. These are cd's personalized to your child's name with the old favorites we all grew up with. My kids each have one, and they adore hearing their names on the songs and feeling special. Google Name Your Tune. Amazing as gifts, get your hands on one for your little tot.

I think it's important we all support each other in this game. Sincerely. Without each other, there are no contacts, no advice, and no pushing each other on to bigger and better. I'm not saying to hype your direct competition, but if someone is doing something fabulous in the same market segment as you, connect with them and see how you can better work together. Even if it's sharing a booth at a trade show, or linking each other to your websites, there are many ways to do business together. Lecture over.

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