Monday, May 19, 2008

Onwards Soldiers

Those of you wondering, will I jump into another trade show with both feet after the great plague that ripped through my house after the first one, here's your answer - doing it. May 30, an excellent opportunity for me called The Children's Trunk Show. All very cool vendors, all juvenile oriented, mostly the mompreneur group, and no "attraction" which is something I am getting very wary of.
What's the "ATTRACTION"?
Here it is: A show goes out and hires a couple of actors to wear massive suits of Diego and Dora, and every 60 minutes, a show starts, which you know because you can hear it over a massive loudspeaker, and all 15000 entrants to the trade show RUN past your booth to get there. And rightfully so. They PAID 15-20 bucks a head to get in the door. They expect to be entertained. And justifiably, I'd be offended to be asked to pay 20 bucks to go shopping.
But the Children's Trunk Show has one attraction - Shopping! They ask for a donation at the door that goes to Sick Kids Charities. And that's peachy with me given how much I feel indebted to both Sick Kids and Mt. Sinai Hospitals.
I am getting a little wary of the synagogue and school 'boutique' nights given their low turnouts and the amount of schlepp it takes me to get there, hire a sitter, set up, and sit there all night, whilst doling out the obligatory door prize from my inventory without a tax receipt to show for it, all the while paying Moneris for the rental of my wireless mc/visa/debit machine.
So for the forseeable future, I will shell out and get into established shows.
I am looking at a few right now - Trunk Show Spring and Fall, Babytime Show Fall, Seasons Christmas November.
If anyone knows any established crafty one day shows between now and next year please let me know. You can email me at or feel free to leave the comment here.
One more note - if there's a Smicko pattern that you LURVE and have been thinking of getting, do it sooner than later, I am committed to changing it up by season, and will have a constantly evolving line of product. I look forward to the next batch, and am seriously THRILLED with the new fabrics coming in. They too are limited runs - very limited as summer is a small season. Fall will be much bigger.
You can check out the last line at and choose an online retailer if you can't get here.
Smicko Lady

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