Sunday, April 13, 2008

Aches and Pains

Today's Parent. Last Day. Final Hours. 3 hours before setdown, the cold begins. Sore throat, runny nose, chills. On top of the exhaustion and utter mind numbness. Best advice after three days of this? You need to have the spare people working in your booth with you. You cannot possibly keep track of all the people who wander in, and even the most copious of note takers will lose something.
Thanks to the dynamic team working with me this weekend, every important conversation was recorded in a handy dandy notebook, with names and return phone numbers, and what the follow up action is. I don't have to trust the wobbly memory - it's all there, and will be there in a few days when the sciatica dies down and the cold misery goes away.
Am I happy I did the show? Absolutely. But now, I miss my kids, I miss my husband, and I'm beyond happy to be home and sharing my cold germs with them. Tomorrow I return to being Mom - and I missed it.
Today I reflected a lot on the best parts of Mom-preneuring. And here's the best one. I started this business with my kids literally in my lap. This was the first real road show where I had to leave them - and I'll be honest, it hurt a little. Ok, it hurt a lot. The best part of Mompreneurship is being a Mom. I fought long and hard (for those who know me IRL) to become a Mom. It was a 6 year journey full of pain and hardship. These kids are my world. I'm still battling the anxiety that arises when I realize that my year of mat leave will be up in a few short months. Leaving E with a sitter for three days was agony. S had been in preschool all year. What will I do without my rugrats next year?

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