Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ah Yes, That's Why I Started

So last night, Chief Imagination Officer of the company sat herself down to supper. Originally supper was a beautiful broccoli and cheese omelette worthy of a french chef (if I do say so myself) Much whining ensued, a 3yr old attempt at negotiation and bargaining, and finally, the capitulation of a Mother who just wants a child that has more than pasta in her repertoire. Dutifully slapped pots on stove, and created the easy to prepare (but nutrionally void foods I am trying to get her to choose less) pasta. Right before I handed her the tomatoey cheese goodness, she said "Mommy, it's messy, I need my Smicko". Ahh. It's worked. I have branded my own 3 year old. Now she's been wearing Smicko'z for a long time. She wore them at every meal. But for her to go to the Smicko drawer and pull it out herself, that's pretty cool. So as I fight the nerves that pop up as the Today's Parent Show move in is tomorrow, I received just the bump up I needed, from the one that melts my heart the most. Did I mention that I love that she calls it a Smicko? Like it's not just a brand, the product itself is a Smicko - not a bib, and not a smock, but a smicko combination of the two.

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