Sunday, April 6, 2008

It's All in the Details

I've lately been perusing the information superhighway, looking for people who post pictures of their trade show setups to see what's catchy and imaginative. A Trade Show setup usually consists of, let's say a 5' 10' or a standard 10' by 10' booth. You get walls draped in white fabric unless you bring your own. And you are responsible for everything else, including getting yourself an electrical outlet. You need a table, carpet, lighting, display items such as racks, bannerstand, and of course product. And that's at a minimum. If you are on a limited budget, and I am, then you have to figure out some clever ways to make the booth attractive and interesting enough for people to step into it, not just stare at it as they walk by.
Needless to say, those who are posting pics of their booths online are generally of the spent a whole lot of time and money group. And they are impressive. I am blown away by the ones done by Sony and Apple at the recent Expo they were both at in San Francisco. Of course, finding the comparables in toddler/baby land is not as plentiful. The best ones I have seen were set up by Gerber baby foods, and by Pampers. Huge brands behind them with rich parent companies.
So, drwon it in colour I say. Now I am particularly blessed as my product itself can be used as booth decor. Lots of big bold retro fabulous patterns to adorn the booth with. And I am bringing secret weapon "Rusty", the personal prized posession of Darcy over at DEW - Rusty is an adorably large floppy doll, that also happens to be the only doll large enough to model Smicko'z on her own. I have pledged Rusty the utmost in comfort and security. Also of great luck, my logos and banner are wildly colourful - I think rather eye catching. Now let's just hope that all of you think so too....

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