Thursday, April 17, 2008

Looking From a Distance

Three days post show blitz is over. Now happily settling into the flu that's travelling around SW Ontario and hoping I didn't pass it on to 9month old E. So here's where the show's left me mentally:
Chuffed - happy in some regards.
Up to my neck in others.
While I had a pretty decent show by all standards, it left me wandering down the path of next steps and extensions - to use the distributors and sales reps, or to keep chugging along on my solo mission.
S over at and I have emabarked on a new verbal volley back and forth about this one, so I'll let you know how the thinking goes. But in general, here's what I do know:
Distributors by your product directly from you, taking a 10-15% discout of the retail, and they then become the wholesale channel (you drop ship to just one place, they take care of the rest).
There's the sales rep route. They essentially go out and do what you do. They don't purchase your products from you, but rather take a percentage (10 to 15%) of the retail cost of the sale.
Pros, Cons, if you've been there, I want to hear from you.

A further insight was emailed to me this morning over the domain name 'scandal'. It would seem as though there are comanies that go out and purchase all the different coutry codes and unused URL's that you didnt, and when you hit it really big, they come back and attempt to sell them to you. Web guru told me to google Britney Spears, and you'd be amazed how many other people own sites about her with her name on them, without those sites belonging to Britney Spears. See? Live another day, learn another lesson.

But seriously, and I say it again - go get your own idea. It's so much easier to be the one running in front than the one playing catch up all the time.

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