Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Took a Break

I went to bed a few days ago, and apparently forgot that I have this blog to write in. Exhaustion mixed with a good flu, a week of misery and the start of Passover later, and I'm just getting into the groove again.
Met with NYC entrepreneurial guru on Sunday, and he had some amazing input. Essentially, being agile, changing your view of where your product belongs, changing the paradigm. It was an especially good talk for me, as I have lately been pondering my ability to serve single outlet retailers beyond a certain geographical range. And I want the product to go national, not just local in Ontario. But there's a large gap, not just a step, between local retailing and national distribution. And that's the wall I'm currently scaling. For anyone who's been following along, I've been trying to weigh the pros and cons of sales reps vs. distributors. And I think the answer is, you use what you can, where you can. If a sales rep has a huge territory with a ton of outlets, then that's who you go with, and you suck it up and do the shipping and tracking.
Still learning over here though, and of course the next question follows, which is, how to predict trends based on one production run. Or even two? Each production has to be of a certain amount, and I don't want to go over what I can reasonably warehouse. But, truthfully, if I were to land a large distribution deal, I wouldn't have the agility to turn around thousands in weeks.

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