Tuesday, April 29, 2008

For Every Child There is a Tradeshow

So you're thinking to yourself - gee, I've done one tradeshow. What do I do next? GOOD NEWS!!! Once you've done one, they all come and email YOU! And you get to sort through them all, with the scant amount of knowledge you have about each of them, and try to ascertain which ones you can : reasonably attend, reasonably afford, reasonably meet new links in the supply chain, and possibly, sell to the public.
There are closed to the public trade shows. There are trade and consumer shows together. And then there are straight consumer shows. Add to that the array of one-off boutique nights, benefits, and community center events, and you've got a wide choice of where to set up shop.
Let me warn you before we delve deeper -
Trade Shows cost money.
There's no garuntee of making back the money you've spent.
They are backbreaking, long hours, and gruelling.
You, if you are like me, will get violently ill with some superbug after each one of them.
So here's today's scoop. Look down the vendor list of already subscribed exhibitors, and call them, email them, get the skinny on the show itself.
3 day shows including electrical cost about 1500. More if you need a larger booth.
Multiply that by how many times you do it, and you need to sell a whole lot more widgets and gidgets to make the money back.
So in short, be smart, and be focussed. I can't garuntee you'll choose the right one to start with. The only thing I do suggest is that for your first large show, stay as local as you can to give you the power to follow up easily and quickly with whomever you meet.
For me-
In the upcoming weeks and months, you will find Smicko'z at:
The Temple Sinai Boutique Night, May 1.
The Children's Trunk Show, May 30
The Todays Parent Show Nov 7-9

I think that's as much as I can commit to these days. It does seem to die down over summer, but that's a great chance to get going on retailers for the Christmas season (I know, I know, Christmas in July? Um, yes. Christmas in July, never forget it again. Most retailers know by the end of July what they'll stock towards Christmas this year). See? MORE advice from someone just barely on the ground getting her feet wet.
Don't forget to check the Smicko'z website every so often to see what I'm up to and where I'll be

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