Monday, April 7, 2008

The Calm Before the Storm

I'm in the big leadup to the first major trade show. I feel the butterflies like I am stepping on stage at the elementary school play all over again. Words escaping me for now, I'm mostly tending to those nagging little last minute details (um trade show carpet was supposed to be ready today, called carpet place, and the gent sounded BEFUDDLED that I was looking for pickup despite what's on the invoice - no worries, he's got a rush on it and it will be ready precisely one day before showtime) Um, t-shirts for those staffing the booth? Whooopsy, that one fell through also, but thanks to Jamie over at (who in a pinch, can totally hook you up) staff will be smartly adorned in adorable Smicko's logos on crisp white t-shirts.
As my Uncle used to say whenever we were in a restaurant, and you didn't like what they had on the menu "for money, you can have whatever you want". Indeed.
But in the case of Hard Boiled Inc. I'd like to point out that they are not charging me a 'rush' price.
I'd also like to mention the 'factory floor' better known as the husband and the grandmother - who have been packaging Smicko'z with dedication (and zero demands for full coverage insurance thus far) for well over two weeks now. All I have to do is deliver to the show, assemble it all, get to the bank for a float, get the electrical hookup, and RIGHT, knew I forgot one thing - I don't have bags to put them in if someone purchases. Is this a disaster? Quick solutions anyone?

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naomicatgirl said...

Hey! Finally managed to get over to read and say hi!

1. Glad you got the t-shirts

2. Put stickers on your packages to show they've been purchased, and call it environmental. The packages have handles anyway, and the stickers will show they've been paid for (a-la the grocery store and your big watermelons!)