Thursday, April 10, 2008

Last Minute Frenzy

A list of thanks to those wildy derserving it:
1. Husband, for taking the day off work, and helping organize product, transport booth materials, and constructing the booth with me today.
2. Mom. Came over and packaged and packaged while we talked about the scandal that we THINK should be the scoring from the World Figure Skating Championships. She agrees, I am right.
3. Planet Kid!! To the rescue. At the last minute, Sarajane throws me an offer to taking two of their little mannequins called "judy's' to the show so the product can be seen on a tailor made model front and back. Yes, they rock constantly, and they can't keep Smicko'z in stock.
4. Jamie over at Hard Boiled Inc over in Kensington Market. You say rush? He says OK. You say I need it yesterday? He says we'll make it work. He says they'll be ready at 11am the day before the show? They are there, bagged, with invoice, waiting for you. But do they look like a rush job???? NO WAY. So Cheers to trust me and put them in your favorites, you will need them one day.
5. The helpful people over at the Today's Parent Show, for immediately finding us huge dollies, and helping is get in and get through the techno-gibber for what we actually need to do an how.

So thanks again to the miracle people that made this happen. First show opens their doors at 10 am tomorrow. En masse, introducing Smicko'z and to the buying public.
Will update tomorrow night when I get back from the madness!
Smicko Lady

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