Monday, April 14, 2008

They Say Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

Well - someone thinks I am doing something right. Because ladies and gentlemen, I have my first copycat. This person went so far as to attempt domain registrations of Smickoz. Didn't even want to come up with a 'close but not quite' name, actually tried to outright steal the name. Although that's less imitation and more outright copying, right?
How do I know? Well, this person (love netfirms, I can see who's visiting, and how many times), started checking all the conotations of smickoz at whois domain reg. And of course what they found was, I own all the pertinent ones. If you'd like to purchase have at it. But you won't be competing with me. You'll be selling to the British.
So a message to you, dear copycat - as I'm guessing you read my blog too:
Whois notified Netfirms, who sent an automatic email asking if I wanted to purchase the remaining straight smicko'z web urls. PS - I have your number, literally(your IP number). You visited whois 4 times and followed it to my sites. I've also traced you to your ISP . Hopefully, I won't have to get to know you more than that. Want to know more about the word Smicko? I googled it and put it through search engines before I ever registered it. In the entire world, there were barely any hits, and it was mostly found as a slang word in Australia, meaning cool. No one, not one person on planet earth has ever tried, before me, to register the tradename Smicko or Smickoz. But today, someone did. Odd, odd little coincidence.
It's hard to be sneaky and underhanded in the tech age, isn't it?

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